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Flexible Cash Options explained

Through Factoring and Invoice Discount solutions, your enterprise will be able to sell open receivables to a finance partner. Depending on whether Factoring or Invoice Discount is your option, one may even keep the debt managment inhouse. Small and medium sized companies are espacially vulnerable to market threats and liquidity.

Today, as more and more companies focus on their fundamental strength choosing an alternative way of financing, Factoring or Invoice Discount has become an important and vital factor of consideration. Once a General Agreement is in place, a transfer of funds within two (2) working days is possible. The credit will amount to approx. 80% of the respective receivable. The balance, less a small applicable fee, will be received after a debtor has paid its arrears.

You also benefit from risk coverage after selling your open invoices as lenders offer a choice of whether to accept the trade credit risk (default risk) or not. Furthermore it´s important that one has the option to decide whether transfering the default risk to the finance partner (factoring) or keeping it in own books (Invoice Discount).

If you choose either Factoring or Invoice Discount today, you may increase your liquidity by tomorrow.

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