Bridge Finance (Trade)

Closing the Gap

A Bridge Finance is closing the Gap between Purchase of Goods and later Sales , based on already fixed and signed contracts. A Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee from your Counterpart is used as Collateral.

We offer such Finance Options for Trade Acitivities but also for Property Investments . Just speak to us to find out more.

Purchase financing – Our conditions

Our Financial Solution for Purchasing Transactions via Fine Trading are simple.

The client chooses the preferred products or commodities and agrees delivery conditions in general. RIALTO FINANCE will then, on behalf of the customer, take over the procurement of goods or commodities, selling the stock on to the client while granting extended payment terms.

The Conditions of our trade financing services are fair and transparent. We charge a pre-arranged fixed (re-)payment deferral fee for granting extended terms of payment. You decide when you will be able to pay back (within a specified time frame).

This will give you a exceptional flexibility, bringing potential to expanding your business.

Fees in general are dependent on your financial strengths and range from 1,15% and 1,90% per month.

Which advantages can you expect?

As a customer you can profit from our trade financing primarily through extended terms of payment – which will be offered at low costs within the first month (30 days). We can do so because - under normal circumstances - we will agree on cash discounts for immediate payments a customer with deferred payment terms cannot achieve.

So, our financing scheme will benefit all the participants – the supplier receives its money not only after 4-6 weeks but within 72 hours and you as a customer will be granted for the acquisition of the commodities extended terms of payment between 30 and 90 days (120 days). You can sell then the commodities without hustle and time pressure.

Furthermore, your freedom of action will extend performance as the already existing limits of your suppliers can’t be touched. Growth in sales is pre-programmed.

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