Property Finance

One of its core businesses of RIALTO FINANCE is arranging tailor-made real estate financing facilities for private and institutional investors, SMEs, businesses and property developers with financing needs from 500,000 €/GBP.

As a provider of real estate investments you develop concepts for new constructions, refurbishments and revitalization areas. Covering land purchases as part of project developments as well as acquisition and refinancing of existing properties, our aim is to provide sophisticated ongoing financing solutions to our clients. We are known as a reliable partner.

We focus our activities on residential and commercial buildings, apartment buildings, hotels but some restrictions, offices, retail and logistic properties in London, Paris, Zurich and Geneva, Brussels, Prague and Bratislava, where a sustainable rental and saleability is expected.

If you can already show a ready-made project (in our previously designated sites), we may obtain a bridging loan.

Please note in this context, that the Rialto Finance only operates in commercial real estate - B2B - and will not serve private customers for own housing needs. Rialto Finance itself is not providing the funding but will forward structured financing requests to solid banks and financial partners.

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