Commercial Vessels

Buying a commercial vessel is often a big decision - especially when one need to arrange finance. However, our marine specialists have the right knowledge and experience to support you during the whole purchasing process. This is a valuable resource when making such a significant purchase.

Our specialist commercial marine team helps UK (and certain Western European) businesses obtain vessels to use for construction & infrastructure, renewable energy, oil & gas, and much more. We use our understanding of the sector to work with you on funding that best meets your needs. Financing is typically available for the major vessel manufacturers, and we'll guide you through every step of the process.

Security will be in most cases a mortgage over the vessel and a personal or business guarantee may be required too.

Offering Finace for:

  • Workboats
  • Multi-role vessels,
  • Tug boats, patrol and pilot vessels
  • Barges
  • Pontoons
  • Water Taxis and Ferries
  • Crew transfer vessels
  • RoRo Ferries
  • Offshore vessels including construction vessels
  • Cable layers
  • Platform supply vessels
  • Emergency response recovery vessels
  • Accommodation vessels.

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