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Credit Letters

What makes us an ideal Partner ?

In Trade Finance, it´s essential to have the right solution in place for an upcoming trade opportunity. We support our clients in finding the right financing instrument to achieve the goals. This will include a search for a suitable bank partner to settle a transaction. Here one will benefit from our global network and established long term bank contacts.

After selecting a bank partner, our experienced team of lawyers and bankers will take on the preparation of Letters of Credit or Bank Guarantees and make sure a continuous control and monitoring and timely submission of complete and contractually compliant documents for disbursement of the selected payment instruments.

Customers sometimes - within a short time frame - do not have a sufficient funding limit or own liquidity available to cover business opportunities. Hence it's more than likely that lucrative deals cannot be accepted and one may lose this opportunity but also even worse probably a business partnership.

We can offer appropriate solutions based on selected finance options. Back-to-Back Letters of Credit or transferable Letters of Credit might be an option.

Talk to us and contact us with an inquiry. We will advise you pointing out suitable ways of funding.


A Letter-of Credit or Bank Guarantee reduces the risks occuring from any Trade. A Letter of Credit mitigate the risk and function as a safeguard for both parties of a transaction, providing insurance in the event that one cannot carry out the conditions established under a contract. With good relationships to top Banks worldwide, we can advise and assist you in handling and order execution.

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